Casual Master Quest

Casual Quest Masters #037: The Cryotingency™

July 8, 2020

Welcome to Casual Quest Masters' 2nd season, where the Casual Master Quest team goes on a D&D 5e Adventure 20 years in the future!

Join Tyler (TwoTimesTyler) as Barnabus Von Swallow, the dime-a-dozen Human Fighter;

Nik (lrtheeleventh) as Thorad Wildtongue Valu-Nugoni, the rebellious Goliath Druid & Ranger;

Brandon (Ziggsagoon) as Olive, the haughty Gnome Artificer;

and Glenn (GlennHuston/Raezeth), our esteemed Dungeon Master!

Trouble looms as Cryovein's imminent return makes the old gang return to discuss their plans, but not before their protégé await them in the tenement halls! Will this new unlikely trio manage to face destiny's embrace as a new threat returns?

Join us on Twitter at @CMQNetwork!

Catch up with the team and our awesome community on Discord if you're wanting a spot by the fireplace!

We used the following songs with permissions via our Patreon contributions with Will Savino of Music D20:

  • Caro's Song (Instrumental Version)
  • No Laughing Matter
  • Of Legends Past
  • On the Rail
  • Tussle in the Shipyard

We used the following ambiances with permissions of TableTop Audio:

  • Dungeon 1
  • Floating Ice Castle
  • There Be Dragons

We used the following songs with permissions of Kevin MacLeod via Incompetech:

  • Dangerous
  • Darkling
  • Hidden Agenda
  • Hot Pursuit
  • Investigations
  • Long Note Two
  • Marty's Got A Plan
  • Midnight Tale
  • Sneaky Adventure
  • Sneaky Snitch

License: CC BY (

Edited by Tyler Vittitow

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